Lion Brotherhood - NatGeo Wild lion documentary

Lion Brotherhood - NatGeo wild lion documentary.

2014 lion documentary

Lion brotherhood is a natgeo wild lion documentary which was telecasted in the year 2014. It tells an extraordinary tale of a pair of lions, brothers', who are driven away from their pride lands, when their pride is taken over by nomadic males and their fathers' run for their lives. In this extraordinary story, Tau and Banda (lion brothers') venture out into unknown territory on their own and forge a pride of their own against all odds. This documentary documents their lives from the time they leave their fathers' pride up until the time they conquer their own pride, which is a span of three years. This documentary also demonstrates the contrasting difference in the lion behaviour (though they're brother's) and their unique bond (similar to what we see in human's). Lion brotherhood also gives us a unique insight into the lives of nomadic male lions. 

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