Ancient Egyptians "The battle for Megiddo"

Ancient Egyptians "The battle for Megiddo"

History documentary

Ancient Egyptians"The battle for Megiddo" is the first of a 4 episode history documentary series, centered around significant periods of egyptian history. Episode 1 of this egyptian documentary, revolves around the life of a new king named Thutmosis III and his military challenges with his close neighbours.  This documentary is the recreation of written records from 3500 years ago and the first documented war which lasted for couple of years and which also became the foundation for the story of Armageddon in the book of revelations (written several hundred years later). Thutmosis III went on to become one of the most militaristic pharaohs of Egypt, with no less than 17 military campaigns in foreign lands stretching up to the banks of the river Euphrates and because of this historians call him The Napoleon of Egypt.

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